Lovelife Flex Kegel Weights

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Able to be precisely customized to suit individual strengthening needs, the uniquely curvy, gorgeously silky Flex Weight set presents a decidedly luxurious way to tone, train and tighten the all-important PC muscles. The subtle squeeze motion needed to properly perform kegel exercises is often hard to pinpoint for beginners, but once mastered, can immensely improve overall vaginal and urethral function not to mention sexual strength and performance.

The Flex set is ideally designed for perfect customization, the three chubby, heart shaped beads each have a distinctly different size and weight, so if you're just starting out, you can choose the lightest (and largest), working up to the heaviest double-beaded version as the PC muscles strengthen. Though it seems a bit backward to start with the largest, at 35g (12oz) and 36mm (1.4inches) in diameter, the heftier, thicker shape is easier for less experienced muscles to grip. The step 2 edition is identically shaped but smaller and heavier at 45g (1.6oz) and 29mm (1.1 inches), and the most advanced Flex offering consists of two connected 45.2g (1.5oz) 29mm (1.1inch) hearts for a total weight of 85g (3oz).

Aside from the toning effects, the Flex set can also be used for pleasure- wearing the weights internally throughout the day, or strategic parts of the day at least, can have a very arousing effect, creating an exciting sense of vaginal awareness. Each piece can be worn absolutely privately, so your PC workout and its pleasurable full feeling will be yours alone to know about- a worry free, easy to grip silicone retrieval cord remains outside the body, tucking discreetly into panties if worn under clothing.

Made from a plush, high end silicone that completely coats the weight within, the Flex set boats all the wonderful features of any silicone toy- to start,  this material is completely hypoallergenic, safe for even the more sensitive skin. It's also incomparably hygienic, cleaning easily and thoroughly with mild soap and warm water or a good toy cleaner- if you so desire, your Flex pieces can be fully sterilized with boiling water, a diluted bleach solution, or a run through the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). Silicone is dreamily sensitive to temperature as well, you'll notice your Flex of choice warming quickly to match body temperature, but it can also be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to insertion. Always use a good water based lubricant with these weights if needed, in most cases, you'll need at least a little to help with insertion. Silicone lubes should be avoided. A soft storage bag is included.

  • Beginner - 35g (1.2oz), 36mm (1.4")
  • Intermediate - 45g (1.6oz), 29mm (1.1")
  • Advanced - 85g (3oz), 29mm (1.1") x 2



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