Form 1 Bluetooth Remote Wearable Vibe in Plum

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A deliciously discreet offering from Jimmyjane's luxurious collection of pleasure tools, the Form 1 vibe presents a host of thrilling possibilities.

Uniquely slim and ultra supple, the petite silicone shape slips secretively into a favourite pair of underwear, fitting sleekly against external sweet spots as a long range Bluetooth-enabled remote mans 15 functions of vibrating bliss.

Shaped to target the clitoris and other sensitive surrounding areas, Form 1's natural curve sets a pleasure dome curling up slightly against the body. Place it however desire dictates, in or out of a specialized neoprene sleeve designed to secure the vibe under clothing.

Though the Form 1 can be manually controlled in hand, the tiny Flirt remote shines in sexily sneaky situations. Surrender the tiny circle to a mate (or keep it close) to play with up to 32 feet (10m) of range, 5 power levels, 5 programmed vibe modes plus 5 extra Tease delay modes. Form 1 is waterproof and impressively quiet considering the power, so it's ready to enhance sexy scenarios just about anywhere. This vibe is fully rechargeable via an included USB cord or compatible adapter.

In 100% body safe hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, Form 1 is completely odor free, ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Silicone is wonderfully receptive to temperature, so the vibe will warm thrillingly to match body heat as you play- this feature can be manipulated further with a soak warm or cool water prior to play. Always enjoy a great quality water-based lubricant with this Jimmyjane piece, avoid silicone based formulas and contact with other silicone toys and products. Fully waterproof. Sleeve is machine-washable.

Gimme the deets:
  • Length: 3.25"
  • Girth: 2.5" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, Temperature Sensitive, Hypoallergenic, Remote Control, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, USB Rechargeable
  • Color: Purple



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