Fantasy Gag in Black

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Tantus presents the perfect Fantasy Ball gag for anyone who loves bondage play. It's a high quality silicone tapered ball with adjustable leather straps that fit around the head with snaps and velcro to hold the gag in place.

The ball is shaped like the head of a penis for a realistic feel in the mouth, and since it's tapered toward the bottom, it won't hold your mouth excessively or uncomfortably open, but will effectively prevent speaking. The medical grade silicone material is completely body safe, and safe for oral use. It's extremely hygienic; you can boil or bleach the ball for total sterilization, and it's totally odour and taste free. Explore the science of sensation with Tantus.


Gimme the deets:

  • Length - 3 "
  • Girth - 4 3/4" around at largest
  • Width - 1 3/4"
  • Material - Silicone, leather
  • Special features - Hygienically superior, adjustable, non toxic
  • Color - Black



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