Easy Beat Egg Hard Boiled Package

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With entirely perfect symmetry, nourishing contents and an admirably strong exterior, the egg is one of natures best offerings, but here's a whole new (much more fun) take on the good ol' egg.

Tenga Egg masturbators offer amazingly fresh solo sessions once cracked and they're ready to be enjoyed whenever the mood should strike.

With a handy, innovative Japanese design and incredible user-friendliness, each of the 6 Eggs included in the Hard Boiled package contains a soft, stretchy one time use sleeve perfect for quickies and ideal for travel, since it certainly won't attract attention. When you crack open the plastic shell, you'll find an extra supple sleeve that stretches admirably to cover your package, adding even more stimulation and sensation to masturbation or a hand job.

The Hard Boiled pack contains six entirely innovative textures, the Surfer, the Crater, the Thunder, the Shiny, the Misty and the Cloudy that combine breathtakingly unique nodes, ribbing, raised areas and more for distinct variances in sensation with each. No matter which Egg is chosen to assist with the pleasure pursuit at hand (so to speak), the creative, enveloping shape will that rub, massage and stroke to your specifications as you play. Each egg is about 2 1/2 inches un-stretched, and can lengthen out to approximately 8 inches. Refrigeration not required!


Gimme the deets:
  • Length: 8"
  • Special Features: Open Ended



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