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La petite mort (French pronunciation: ​[la pətit mɔʁ], the little death) is an expression which means "the brief loss or weakening of consciousness" and in modern usage refers specifically to "the sensation of orgasm as likened to death". 

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I'm Harun, your friendly neighbourhood shopkeep!

A silly enby femme


Hey folx! I hope you're feeling well!


I'm an enby femme with a penchant for story games and activism. I've recently started getting into rope play and that's pretty cool. 


As I feel is represented by La Petite Mort, I like a relatively smaller selection of curated sex toys that are known to be good rather than a grab bag of everything. Further, ensuring that everything is body safe, body positive, with ethical brands is important to me. I continue the past work with experts to ensure everything is as well researched as possible.


I continue the past commitment to gender-free labelling of products. Body parts aren't gendered, and sex toys don't need to be either. If you do see something gendered on my site, please let me know; I sometimes copy standard descriptions given by the brand marketing and while I edit them to be degendered I worry about missing something. Anyone who enjoys a good vibe should feel safe to enjoy it, and it's not on me or any other sex toy purveyor to leave you feeling misgendered.


I'm a silly switch, and flighty at that, so that will hopefully continue the tradition of the sort of products and art sold here at La Petite Mort. Sex should be fun and accessible for all who want it. 


La Petite Mort is based in Hamilton, ON and sells exclusively within Canada. This is so we don't all get screwed over with terrible shipping costs, murderous USD to CAD conversions, duties, etc. I'm doing everything in my power to sell from local vendors. All of my artists so far are Toronto based, but I'm hoping if you're reading this and you make sexy art, home goods, or toys, you can reach out to me ( info@petitemort.ca )

Long live La Petite Mort










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